Our services cover complete engineering project management; from the drawing board to meticulous designing, execution, commissioning and handover. Our cross sector engineering teams undertake all the necessary site duties to ensure that the project deliverables are met within the set timelines and quality.

We have demonstrated to our clients, our core competencies and capabilities in executing projects of any scale and size in the following sectors:

Oil and Gas

Ever since we began operations, we have been a key player in the Oil & Gas sector, having achieved remarkable growth and results. The team has successfully executed over 10 major projects primarily for ADNOC and its subsidiary companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Types of work undertaken include:

  • Infrastructure
  • Power & Water
  • Industrial & Utlities



We are one of the leading companies supporting infrastructure projects in Abu Dhabi with over 10 years experience in providing quality services to this sector.

Types of work undertaken include:

  • Tunnels
  • Bridges
  • Roads



Power & Water


We have built a strong reputation in the Power and Water sector as a quality contractor providing services in accordance with client project specifications and expectations.

Types of work undertaken include:

  • Pumping Stations
  • Power Plant Auxiliary Systems
  • Sub Stations
  • Water and Sewerage Treatment Plants
  • Irrigation systems
  • Waste Collection System

Industrial & Utilities

We have gained immense experience in the Industrial and Utilities sector having worked on various projects in co-operation with numerous public and private sector companies. One of our key strengths has been our piping team who have proven their ability to manage aggressive schedules and complete projects on time within set budgets.

Types of work undertaken include:

Compressed Air Carbon Steel Pipe works
Natural Gas Carbon Steel Pipe works
Fuel/Diesel Line Carbon Steel Pipe works
Hydraulic lines Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel Pipe works
LPFG Pipe Line Carbon Steel Pipe works
Argon Gas Pipe Line Carbon Steel Pipe works
Chlorine Gas Pipe Line Carbon Steel Pipe works
Carbon Dioxide Pipe Line Carbon Steel Pipe works
ROW water Pipe Line HDPE/Stainless steel Pipe works
Cooling Water Pipe Line Stainless Steel Pipe works
Chilled Water HDPE/GRP/ Carbon Steel Pipe works
Drain Line HDPE/GRP/ uPVC Pipe works
Potable water HDPE Pipe works
Sanitary Sewer uPVC Pipe works
Fire water GRP Pipe works
Storm Water network Reinforced concrete Pipe works